Site Published:  16th April 2010
Last updated:   18th April 2010
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Useful Links
People that have experienced an outbreak of Hendra Virus and wish to share their experience to help educate others
Official Websites for latest research findings, guidelines, legislative requirements
Biosecurity Queensland
* Comprehensive guidelines in dealing with suspect Hendra Cases
* Information for Community
* Information for Horse Owners

Work Place Health & Safety
* Information on managing WH&S obligations
* Download Self Survey for Horse Properties
*Download Self Survey for Veterinarians

Qld Veterinary Surgeons Board


QLD Horse Council
* Download Fact Sheets on minimising risks
* Bats and trees
* Information on the Hendra Virus Vaccine Fund and how to donate
Kate Purvis - Lost 4 horses to Hendra Virus and has created a wonderful website with valuable information gained from first hand experience. Kate has also put together a  Workshop for Horseowners, I know one PVP that attended one of her workshops last year had only recently attended an AVA organised Disease Control workshop (along with all his staff), thanked Kate at the end and said they had learnt more from her than the AVA workshop. 

Hendra Virus for Horseowners

Jennifer Crane, On 14 June 2006, Clive, a thoroughbred gelding, died an agonizing death.

It was a death that would mark the beginning of an emotional nightmare for his owner, Jennifer Crane and her family. A death that would receive national media coverage as only the sixth recorded case in Australia and would result in an independent Queensland Parliamentary Review.

Unknown to Jennifer, the large colony of flying foxes, camped in the neighbouring forest and spilling over onto her property in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, had brought with it the deadly Hendra virus that infected her horse and put her own life at risk. Jennifer´s account of the death of her horse due to the Hendra virus portrays the pain of losing a beloved member of the family, her encounter with Queensland´s biosecurity procedures and a decision to try to increase the awareness of the fatal consequences when the balance of nature is tipped.

Henipavirus Ecology Research Group
Australian Biosecurity CRC for Emerging Infectious Disease
Australasian Bat Society

BatCare Brisbane

Department of Environment and Resource Management

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