Site Published:  16th April 2010
Last updated:   18th April 2010
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CSIRO Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) in Geelong is committed to commencing a  horse vaccination trial in the second quarter of 2010 using a highly promising vaccine candidate against Hendra Virus in horses.   AAHL estimate the cost of this trial is around $930,000 over 15 months. They committed $330,000 of their core funding and were seeking external funding of $600,000 to complete the trial.

Despite several organisations and individuals pleading the case with the Government, the additional funds were not forthcoming. 

On Monday the 24th May 2010, the Queensland Government announced a joint funding of $300,000  each from  the Queensland Government and the Federal Government, which will now enable the horse vaccine trials to commence.  Scientists and veterinarians believe this is a crucial step in producing a vaccine to protect the horses, which in turn will then prevent the virus transmitting from horses to humans.

This is fantastic news, the Bligh and Rudd Government's are to be congratulated for immediately providing this funding.  However, the funding into research in all aspects of this deadly issue are severely deficient and must be significantly increased, both at State and Federal levels.
During the EI Outbreak in 2007, the power of the internet to disseminate information was a lifeline, it also revealed how many people in the horse industry do not regularly access the internet.  We do not want to miss the opportunity to include their concerns!!   Both the electronic and paper versions will be presented to the Government.

I have uploaded a paper version of the petition, which you can download and start collecting signatures to support this campaign.
Anyone can collect signature, your help is needed, no matter what your involvement in the industry!!

Download paper petition in Word Doc or PDF format.
Word Doc File
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Please remember to mail back to address on form!
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Support the Online Petition for Funding Click Here
Support the Online Petition for Funding Click Here
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This is not just a Queensland problem, Hendra virus could strike anywhere, anytime, there is currently no cure and no vaccine for humans or animals which can transmit the virus onto humans!
Immediate funding is crucial for

Post Exposure Treatments
Stall Side Testing Kits
Awareness campaigns
Field Research