Site Published:  16th April 2010
Last updated:   18th April 2010
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My involvement in the 'Hendra-gate' began in July 2008 and has been ongoing ever since, involving endless correspondence, meetings and gathering information.  A number of people associated with various cases, have been working to see changes. 

There are currently (still) investigations underway, which I am apparently bound by 'confidentiality' not to discuss (yet).  The wheels of bureaucracy spun faster than a fan prior to the Qld State election in March 09, and then resumed their customary speed, difficult to see any forward movement, but things are happening.

Whilst I don't wish to jeopardise the outcome of those investigations, I do not wish to sit back and wait for the next disaster.   We have seen enough 'reactive' behaviour over this deadly issue, what is needed is proactive action.

Pending the outcomes of these investigations, I will publish further documents here, for now I will try and enlighten you, the Minister Tim Mulherin and the Director General Mr Robert Setter have repeatedly told me raising awareness and managing this virus is a joint responsibility. 

I am living up to my end of the bargain!! 

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Letter from Hon Tim Mulherin MP dated 30 Sep 2008
My intent is to

provide you with facts, not spin
  supported by official documents to verify concerns
  hopefully prevent further lives being lost
and finally, get support via a petition to lobby all levels of Government to start pumping vital funding into research and development of a vaccine and post exposure treatments.

Cindy Medway
Horse Owner
Letter from Director General Mr Rober Setter dated 7th December 2009