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May - June 2011 News
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Updated:   4th November 2011
Vaccine against Hendra virus found 17 years after trainer's death
Leigh Dayton, Science writer from: The Australian: May 17, 2011
Update - 17th May 2011
ALMOST 17 years after a mysterious illness killed Queensland horse trainer Vic Rail, CSIRO scientists will today announce they've developed a vaccine against the lethal Hendra virus.

Deborah Middleton, a veterinary pathologist with CSIRO's Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong, will describe the vaccine that protects horses against the virus, contracted through contact with flying foxes.

Dr Middleton said stopping the disease in horses could also be the first step towards a vaccine for people. A US-made treatment involving injection of microbe-fighting antibodies has so far not met expectations.  Read more here>

Update - 28th June 2011
The Deadly Hendra Virus Strikes Again
    Kim Sweetman: The Courier-Mail      June 28, 2011 10:23PM
THE potentially fatal Hendra virus has killed a horse south of Brisbane, sparking a biosecurity emergency.

A vet treating the horse at Kerry, near Beaudesert, contacted Biosecurity Queensland and the state health department on Tuesday afternoon to report the death.
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Update - 20th May 2011
Queensland stockpiles Hendra drug
Daniel Hurst - May 20, 2011
Queensland must maintain a stockpile of expensive treatments against the deadly Hendra virus, despite the development of a groundbreaking vaccine, authorities say.

Queensland Health today announced it would spend $180,000 producing a new batch of experimental treatments that could potentially help up to 20 people exposed to the rare virus.

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EIGHT people in the Beaudesert area have had blood tests after exposure to a horse that died from Hendra virus, including vet Ewan Maskrey, who was not wearing a mask when he examined the sick animal.  Health authorities were last night still assessing whether any of the eight adults should be offered a "highly experimental" antibody therapy, designed to be given before symptoms develop.
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Eight people undergo blood testing after being exposed to horse felled by deadly Hendra
Update - 30th June 2011
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