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This page will be updated as news develops.  Firstly I would like to thank all the people that have contacted us, the support for this site has been overwhelming, with what has been fairly limited exposure to date.

Comments submitted for publishing will be updated as a second priority, first will be updating news and information.  Thank you to the readers that contacted us advising the flying foxes have migrated over into the South East corner of South Australia, the map has now been updated and a link to the available data (most current I could find) from SA on where they are located.

The page that has received the most visits and file downloads to date has been, Sick Horses - How do they really present?, clearly this is information that many people want and need to see.

Queensland Horse Council have launched a fund appeal to raise the required funds for the vaccine trial in horses.  Details of how to donate to the fund can be found on the QHC Website.  We wholeheartedly support this proactive step in trying to fight this deadly virus, supporting this fund in no way precludes you from supporting the online petition calling on our Government to contribute to this vital research.  As mentioned in the video of the Fund Launch at Toowoomba on Friday below, the fact we even have a vaccine to trial is thanks to the United States Government because they see this virus as a potential biological weapon!

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Cobb Calls on Labor to Fund Hendra Virus Vaccine Trials


Source: John Cobb, MP -

The Shadow Minister for Agriculture, John Cobb has called on the Rudd Government to immediately provide $600,000 to ensure a trial into a vaccine for horses to protect them from the deadly Hendra virus can proceed as planned in the second half of this year.

Full press release can be found

“The Hendra Virus is so lethal it is classified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA as Critical Biological Agents Category C. These are emerging pathogens that could be engineered for mass dissemination in the future because of availability, ease of production with potential for high mortality and morbidity rates and which cause a major health impact. They are therefore viral agents of national significance to the security of livestock industries and public health.”

Finally, to all those registering on the mailing list to be notified of updates, your details have been added.   Notification of important updates will be sent, however we don't wish to clog up mail boxes notifying of small changes.

Thanks for your support, please continue to spread the word and support the petition, we need to show the Government the public health concern over this issue!

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Updated - 18th April 2010
On the 30th April, Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC) published an alert on their website, which provides the following information:

"Sampling of bloods from flying-foxes when they were camping at the Royal Botanic Gardens before 2003 indicated an 18% incidence of Hendra virus antibodies." 

Clearly indicating that authorities have known for a long time the risk was also very real in the southern states.  It is unfortunate that the fact sheet also promotes case definitions that have been acknowledged in Queensland as insufficient to prevent human infection. 

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