Site Published:  16th April 2010
Last updated:   18th April 2010
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Hendra Virus can be found in all flying fox colonies found around Australia. 
See Map and species here

This virus does not discriminate between breeds, horses & ponies of all shapes and sizes are at risk, it kills and could strike anywhere, anytime!  All known human infections have come from an infected horse.  There is currently no cure and no vaccine.   This is not just a Queensland problem, it is a National Public Health issue and our Governments are starving vital funding into the research work.

To show your concern, send a clear message to the Government, please sign the online petition seeking this vital funding, and tell your friends.
Notify suspected
Hendra virus cases by contacting:

In Queensland contact

QPIF on 13 25 23 (during business hours)
The Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888 (24-hour hotline).
Contact the Queensland Health Hotline on 13 Health (13 432584) if you have concerns about possible exposure of people to Hendra virus.  More information on Hendra virus is available at where you can subscribe to the Hendra e newsletter.

In New South Wales contact
Contact the Emergency Animal Disease Hotline on 1800 675 888.

In Victoria contact

Notification can be made by telephone to the District
Veterinarian or Animal Health Officer at your local
Department of Primary Industries or to 

The Disease Watch Hotline
1800 675 888

In South Australia contact

Call the National Disease hotline 1800 675 888
Support the Online Petition for Funding Click Here
Through a widespread lack of knowledge and understanding this virus, experienced equine vets in Queensland have been fooled and paid the ultimate price with their lives.  This website has been created to publish information and documentation that the Queensland Government would likely prefer you did not know, to try and educate more people about the very real dangers of this deadly virus. 

For your personal protection I would direct you to the
Biosecurity Qld Website to view the current version of the Veterinary & Horse Owner Guidelines.   

For your legal obligations in reporting, and managing
Work Place Health and Safety please visit the appropriate Government Department Websites

To read information you wont find on the Government sites...
Please browse thru this website!

Page updated:   1st June 2010
Quick List of Clinical Symptoms Click Here